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Support A Dream: Shop Small, Shop Local

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

How often do we find ourselves sharing our love for the newest hit album released by our favorite artist, or clothing/beauty line from our favorite celeb? - I do it too! But when is the last time you shared a local business page on your social media platform or your review on one of their products?

Now, more than ever, is the time we need to be supporting our local, small businesses whenever we can! This doesn't happen just by purchasing products (although, who doesn't love shopping) There are so many easy and simple ways we can help promote small businesses that we love with a few clicks of our keyboard. Not only am I going to encourage you to spread the word for your favorite local biz, but I am going to share a few of my favorites and why I love them too!

Two ways to support a small business without spending a penny

  1. Follow, like, & comment on their social media platforms - Algorithms are a computerized way of organizing posts on your news feed based on the relevancy to other things that you like. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram, function off of these algorithms to determine what information is worth sharing with others. The more engagement a post or page has, the higher the chances it has of being seen by others! I would love to help you spread the word for your business! Send me the link to your social networks and I will share them on my pages!

  2. Share your reviews and recommendations (not only online but in person) - Think of how many times you have purchased an item because your friend messaged you saying how much they loved a new product or the item you're interested in has 5 out 5 stars with positive comments. Leaving a quick Google or Facebook review can influence alot more people than we realize!

A few of my favorites

Who doesn't love fresh baked, delicious cookies?! Better yet, cookies you get to decorate yourself! Veronica, the owner of The Cookie Lady's Daughter, is a creative genius. Throughout these crazy times of being cooped up in the house with an 8 and 3 year old, her cookie kits have been a life saver! Providing tasty, family fun that all of us look forward to.

"Spreading joy and happiness through creating & teaching others the magic of decorated sugar cookies" - Veronica

If you live within Central Ma or don't mind taking a trip to the area, you have to try her famous treats! A way to encourage your children (or yourself) to use their artistic imagination all on a canvas you can eat - which happens to be my favorite part. We love our new tradition of cookie decorating family night and I know you would too! Follow Veronica on Instagram for the latest available cookies & kits along with the most satisfying decorating videos! @thecookieladysdaughter

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Ladies & Gents, let me introduce you to an affordable, natural, skincare line that actually works! These soaps & skincare items are derived straight from Mother Nature herself - free of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) & Parabens which means no harsh chemicals!

I was never big into buying special products for my skin, and if I did - I went with the cheapest option. Which didn't go unnoticed with my crazy dry skin! After trying the Rose Elixir Skin Drench I was HOOKED. I have not had one patch of dry skin since making it apart of my every day skincare routine. Along with her Body Butters, Exfoliating Scrubs, Vitamin C Cream, Glow Face Masks, my skin has never looked so good. Don't feel left out, for all you men out there she has products for you too! (So you can stop using ours) The Bub's Beard Oil is a miracle in a bottle along with the Beard/Facial Scrub and the Men’s charcoal and mint Shea bars.

Erin, creator and owner of Akeso Body Bar says "I hand craft every individual item and test them for weeks before putting them in customers hands. That way, I can ensure I am putting out a top notch quality product. I’m a perfectionist, and I thrive for some dramatic results!"

Be sure to follow Akeso Body Bar on Instagram (@akesobodybar) for the latest products and shop availability - You will be so thankful you did!

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A photograph truly is our 'Pause' button in life; A return ticket to a moment otherwise gone and I believe you can never have enough of them. Being able to find someone who not only captures these precious memories but is able to tell a story with a still-photo is something I am forever grateful for.

Pierina (Rina for short) - The beautiful, funny and talented owner of In Our Image Photography, quickly gained our "forever" business from the moment we met to discuss plans for our wedding. We just clicked and instantly felt like we had known her forever. You are not just another client and will find Rina easily becomes a part of your family. When I tell you, she keeps us laughing and comfortable during every session, I mean it. From our couple session, engagement shoot, family photos and spontaneous bestfriend photoshoot idea. To our intimate and unforgettable adoption hearing at court with our family.

Rina says it best "For me, photography is definitely my outlet and I’m so glad it is also my career. To create and share priceless, intimate, moments of people, I absolutely love that!"
“If there is one thing I can do for the rest of my life, it is exactly what I am doing!"

Book that session you have been wanting to do, she offers the most affordable sessions for her style and technique! Time passes too quickly and before we know it the days turn into months and months into years. Don't think back and wish you did!

Follow along on Instagram to fall in love with her photography just like we did! @inourimagephotos

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*Local to Norfolk County, Massachusetts traveling throughout New England.


Saved by Grace Co. is an online apparel, home decor + accessory shop run by a one woman crew who's mission is to sprinkle Jesus and positive affirmations throughout places & things we see everyday! Shop owner and designer Whitney offers the greatest quality, unique and affordable products that I have found and absolutely love! From babies, toddlers, kids, woman & men apparel, you are sure to find something for the whole fam!

"Never in one million/billion years did I ever think I could sell one thing, create one thing that anyone would want, nonetheless make a living working for God. People always say you just need faith as small as a mustard seed. Trust me when I say, that is ALL I had. It's now two years later and God has shown me over and over again that He is in control"
"This is not my business. I am merely the face, allowing God to do something through me. I look forward to getting to know you through Saved by Grace Co. and I appreciate you so much for following along." - Whitney

The fearless mission of sharing her faith and love for the Lord is one of the many reasons I had become one of Saved by Grace Co.'s loyal customers. She is a beautiful, hardworking Mama helping to inspire more people than she could ever know! Be sure to check it out! Bonus - shipping is only $5 on all U.S. orders!

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What started as a hobby, gifting to family and friends, has quickly grown to far exceed original expectations! Dave and Laura, co-founders of Squeaky Weet Soap Co, are dedicated to creating uniquely scented, colorful soaps with bases that are noncomedogenic (won't cause blocked pores), biodegradable, and vegan-friendly (except for my favorites that contain goat milk!)

"We make all of our soaps in small batches at our home in Auburn, Massachusetts. It has been a wild ride thus far, and we are excited to see what the future has in store."- Dave & Laura

Everybody loves soap and the Lord knows we all need it - Added bonus, they are made without synthetic detergents and sulfates that are found in other store bought soap products. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - Cedar & Leather - Fruity Doodles are all favorites in our household. Try them out see for yourself! Gift boxes are available and the holidays are right around the corner - Order now --> Shop Squeaky Weet Soap Co

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