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The Secret of Life

How often do you think about time? Not in the sense of "I have 15 minutes before a work meeting" or "We have dinner reservations in a couple hours." But really thinking about how much time in our lives has already passed and what amount we might actually have left. It's an important thought, to keep us grounded in the moment but it's one that for most of us, enhances the sense of urgency. And with that sense of urgency, comes the anxious feelings that there isn't enough time in the day or maybe feeling like you aren't where you thought you'd be right now.

As for me, I was a couple short months away from 30 when I started out in a career I saw myself having over 10 years prior. And even with all the panic that I have been feeling about my 20's becoming another decade in the past, I am gracefully reminded that our lives are defined by what we make of our time, not how long it took us achieve something.

A very wise man once told me,

"I thought growing old would take longer" - Pépère Renault

It really makes you stop and think, just how quickly our lives pass by. James 4:14 says "Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. For you are just a vapor that appears for a little while, and then vanishes away."

We live in a world that runs on overdrive in every aspect. Constantly rushing from one thing to the other, overbooking our time with less important things leaving little room for the important ones and then wonder why are we stressed, tired and anxious. The constant expectations we place on ourselves can be exhausting and I think we all could use a little reminder to slow down;

My reminder, comes from this special person who I am lucky enough to call my grandfather (in-law, but my grandfather all the same.) Today, as we celebrate his 94th Birthday, I took some time to reflect on his beautiful life and the stories filled with memories that have lasted throughout the years. This man has lived through and experienced more than I could ever put into words in the past almost CENTURY. From meeting the love of his life at 14 years old and going on to be married in their early 20's. To building their home from the ground up (with a $50 mortgage - woah) filling it with love and 3 children. 3 children turned into 7 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren in what felt like a blink of an eye he says. Mem and Pep were married for 70 incredible years before she passed away in August of 2020 ; A part of him went with her that will never be replaced. And even through the hard times and the heartbreak, he still finds joy in the smallest moments.

A simple phone call can make his whole day - and not just for grandparents either. It could be a friend, a parent or an Aunt - yet alot of us don't call often enough, including myself. And it's not because we don't want to, it's mostly because we are too distracted, too busy, too tired and before we know it, too much time has gone by. I hope this can be your little reminder to call someone, to drop by for a visit even if only for a half hour. The secret? To be intentional with time and to realize that one day, when you're 94 years old, all the little moments will turn out to be the best memories of all.

Happy 94th Birthday to the glue of our family ♥

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